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Focus Jam Weekend 2019 under construction

5 - 7 July 2019 in Hamburg

Open mind. Open exploration.

The Focus Jam Weekend 2018
Welcome onboard! Twice a year we go on expedition to the vaste and diverse world of contact improvisation jams. By focussing on different points of interest we go deeper into that somatic and psychic mysterium. Where do we reach boundaries? What is beyond?

Start Friday, 5 July 2019, 6 pm
End Sunday, 7 July 2019, 6 pm
Place Triade, Bernstorffstr. 117, Hamburg
Registration April - July
Sleeping in the studio is possible.
Max. 30 participants
Meals are not included.

The most jams will be dedicated to a specific quality or topic to explore. All optional focusses are listed and discribed →below. They will be voted within the registration process. Depending on the focus, it takes more or less preparation of the group to allow a deep diving into the specific topic. So one specific "Jam" can become structured rather like a class while another one is quite free with a short warm up or introduction only. If you prefer to dance freely without any topic and any structure, this is not your festival!

There will be short starting and ending circles to gather and focus the group energy. So please be in time, if you want to join the jam. Some additional structures like breaks, smaller harvest circles and exchanges will be offered. In order to let grow a strong trustful group, try to be part of every jam. Be sure you are wanted, just as you are, even when tired, sad or not in the 'right mood'. In the morning there is a singing circle with the option to listen and meditate besides. If you are musician, you are invited to bring your instrument.

It is possible to sleep in the studio (7€ per night per person). Please bring your sleeping bag and camping mat. There is only one shower and two bathrooms.

To keep it simple and low budget, meals are not included. Please bring what you need to eat and drink and feel free to share. There are many restaurants nearby.

Please keep the spaces clean. The cleaningjam takes place sunday noon.

There are too many possible focusses to work on that weekend. So its over to you to choose in the registration form which focus you wish to work on. The few commentational words behind the names of the jam try to explain roughly what is meant. As some of the focusses need a high concentration, they are only realisable for a part of a jamtime, maybe 30 minutes. Others may need a longer introduction, so the jam becomes more like a class. And others just are selfexplaining and give space for individual experience and exploration for hours... If you want to dance freely and without any topic, maybe this this is not your festival. If you have your own focusses ideas, write them down for the next FJW at the end of the registrationform. On the german version of the webpage, you find a list of focusses we already used the last years (→ Archiv).

Friday, 20 July Saturday, 21 July Sunday, 22 July
1000 - 1045 Contemplative Singing Circle Contemplative Singing Circle
1100 - 1300 JAM JAM
1300 - 1530 Lunchtime, Nap Lunchtime, Nap, Cleaning
1530 - 1800 JAM JAM, Closing Circle
1800 - 2000 Arriving, 1900: Welcome Circle Dinnertime
2000 - 2200 JAM JAM


Feel free to email me: tilman(at)existanz.de
For Information about me go to existanz.de

Registration starts in April